Our company was founded in 2014 at the heart of Houston, TX with a strong focus on helping local businesses grow their presence online. Although we are familiar with a lot of frameworks and tech stacks, Magento is our favorite one and it is the core of our business.

With Magento, we are passionate and dedicated to help you grow your online store or convert your existing store to Magento. Magento is the #1 e-commerce platform on the market right now because it is fast, it is reliable and it is built with great company behind. We are so proud to be a Magento solution partner.

We are a small team of young enthusiasts and right now, we have 2 certified Magento developers which you can put trust on. Our work is clean, well-coded and well-documented. We don't even stop after we launch our solution to your website. We strive for a long term relationship with all of our clients to help them achieve their goals. We combine our custom solutions with online marketing strategies such as search engines, social medias, email marketing campaigns, offline campaigns and many more.

If you need help with an existing Magento store, or re-build your store or considering switching to Magento, please don't hesitate to drop us a line.


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Brian Do

Certified Magento Frontend Developer

Brian is Certified Magento Frontend Developer. He specializes in Xhtml, css, javascript, less css, sass, bootrap... Along with other members, he is in charge of Front-end as he. Comes to uberblaze Brian formerly worked as Frontend Team Leader at Mage-World where he carried out many projects in Theme, as well as Extension. Brian loves travelling and music a lot.

Lee Nguyen

Front-end developer

Lee is a Front-end developer who has rich experience with Xhtml, CSS, javascript... She is a fast learner and has outstanding powers of observation. As a result, she plays the Team Leader role in our team. She is in charge of Frontend so that all the requirements of customer will be met in the best way. She usually contributes useful and timely ideas to team leaders of Designer and BE. Lee graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. During period of studying at the University, she was highly appreciated and won many scholarships. As an epistemophile, Lee is fond of travelling and reading.

Vera Pham

Frontend Developer

Van is a Frontend Developer. At the beginning, she joined us as a Front-end. However, during working with her, we realized that she is very good at MySQL, PHP and Wordpress, Joomlar. As a result, while Van was working for Uberblaze, she not only played a role as a Front-end Developer but also involved in building Theme for wordpress intergerated into Magento. Van graduated from IT Department and worked at many companies before come to Uberblaze. Van is fond of doing voluntary works and reading.

Sally Nguyen


Sally is a designer, she works well with PSD, Inventer, etc. While working with her, we see that she is a clever, creative person and she has good powers of observation. Sally is responsible for interfaces of companies' websites. Sally graduated from Hanoi University, IT Department. She also joined a Design course at Arena center. Sally has passionate interest in music, food and travelling..

Kai Dinh

Certified Magento Backend Developer

Kai Dinh is Certified Magento Backend Developer. During working with him, we realized that he not only has deep understanding about PHP and Magneto but also can work well with C# and VB.net. Kai Dinh is a Team Leader of Backend while he worked for Uberblaze. He was responsible for almost all relevant issues and gave the solutions in order to meet the demands of customers. He is also good at making Front-end which we has produced. Kai Dinh has worked as a programmer in many success and big projects from foreign firms cooperating with us. Kai Dinh loves country music. He is fond of singing and playing foot ball.

Anthony Nguyen

Full Stack Developer

Anthony is Backend Magento Developer. His work helped us bring to life some of the most demanding projects on which he showed his constantly expanding knowledge, oriented on clients goals and customized needs. Formerly, Anthony worked on various projects as web developer in YII, wordpress. His experience spans from simple static websites to custom PHP solutions. He also knows much about server, github, docker. He love playing games and he usually play very well, he also love to travel and listen rock music.

Chris Nguyen

Backend Developer

At uberblaze, Chris works as a Backend Developer. Chris is a Backend Developer. He has gained valuable experience in Magneto and had outstanding C# coding skills. Cong has an intimate knowledge of server so he is mainly in charge of server and relevant issues. Cong graduated from IT Department at University of Communications and Transport. He has worked for some foreign companies and got considerable success there. Cong is strongly interested in travelling. Moreover he loves playing games and plays very well.

Jimple Vu

Backend Developer

There are some people who get hooked on programming without ever getting into school for it. That’s how Son started. His love and passion for coding got him to learn Wordpress guide tutorial then he studied php, mysql then come to Magento. He is currently working as a Backend Developer and if he is to be trusted (and we believe him!), he is specially interested in the safety of web pages. Along with his love for programming, he worked on making games for Androids, and when he’s not making them, he’s playing them.











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